How we handle personal information

To users of the Tokyu Resorts & Stays website:


[1] Personal Information Protection Policy

1. Compliance with laws and regulations, etc.
The Company shall comply with the Personal Information Protection Act, other related laws, regulations, guidelines and so on.

2. Internal systems
The Company shall establish internal regulations and the necessary rules for each business operations with regard to the handling of personal information and the corresponding systems, develop organizational structures such as the appointment of managers in each department, and built a framework for complying with the protection of personal information.

3. Acquisition of personal information
When the Company acquires personal information from Customers, etc., it shall only do so after notifying, publicly announcing or clearly specifying the purpose of use, and only to the extend necessary to achieve said purpose of use.

4. Use of personal information
When the Company uses the personal information of Customers, etc., it shall only do so within the scope of the purpose of use and shall not use the information beyond that scope.

5. Joint use of personal information
The Company may jointly use the personal information received from Customers, etc. with Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group companies, etc. Customers, etc. who wish to opt out of this usage should contact the inquiries desk. Also note that specific personal information* received from business partners is only used for specified administrative procedures related to social security and taxation matters, etc. stipulated by law, and is not used by Tokyu Fudosan Holdings Group companies, etc.

6. Restriction on provision to third parties

7. Personal information disclosure, amendment of details, addition or deletion, cessation of use and erasure
When a Customer, etc. wishes to confirm or make revisions, etc. with respect to their personal information entrusted to the Company, the Company shall respond promptly to a reasonable and necessary extent. Also note that when undertaking various procedures, the Company may take steps to confirm the identity of the customer, etc. in question. Additionally, it should be noted that a processing fee may be collected.

8. Ensuring accuracy
The Company shall take appropriate measures to ensure that the personal information of Customers, etc. is kept accurate and up to date.

9. Safety management measures
The Company shall strictly manage the personal information of Customers, etc., and take preventative measures and safety countermeasures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage or otherwise with respect to the information.

10. Internal training
The Company shall provide its employees with education and training on the protection of personal information, and thoroughly ensure the internal dissemination of the training and educational content.

11. Supervision of contractors
When using the personal information of Customers, etc., the Company may entrust the handling of the personal information to a third party within the scope of justified use. The Company will require contractors to exercise strict management over the personal information and supervise contractors for that purpose.

12. Continual review of internal systems
The Company conducts continual review and strives to make improvements with regard to regulations concerning the handling of personal information and the organizational structures for their implementation to ensure that systems continue to operate effectively and appropriately.

13. Use of cookies
Information known as “cookies” may be send to the computers of users in order to provide services to Customers, etc. who have viewed the Company website, and to verify traffic information. This information is stored on the hard disks or in memory of users’ computers. As use of this cookie information is limited to marketing analysis of the Company website and to provide various services, it does not impinge upon the privacy of Customers, etc.

14. Disclaimer
While the Company website contains links to external websites, the Company is not responsible for matters such as the protection of information on external websites.

*Specific Personal Information: A personal information number (so-called “my number”) and personal information containing such details.

[2] Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The Company uses the personal information it has acquired in accordance with the purposes of use detailed below. Also note that specific personal information is only used for specific administrative procedures related to social security and taxation matters, etc. stipulated by law.

  1. 1. To pay visits, dispatch direct mail, make offers by telephone, conduct sales activities such as making offers by email, and to perform paperwork related to contracts, etc.
    1. (1)ホテル、旅館、ペンション等の宿泊施設の経営、並びに経営受託、技術援助
    2. (2)ゴルフ場その他スポーツ施設の経営、並びに経営受託、技術援助
    3. (3)索道事業及びスキー場の経営、並びに経営受託、技術援助
    4. (4)料飲業、食堂、喫茶店、遊戯施設の経営
    5. (5) Processing or>and sale of food
    6. (6)酒類、煙草、印紙、切手、食料品、観光用土産品、(木炭、石油、ガス、その他)燃料物、医薬品、スポーツ用品及び日用雑貨品の販売・卸売業、仲介及びリース業等の取引
    7. (7) Management, rental, buying and selling, intermediation and appraisal services for real estate
    8. (8) Civil engineering, construction, landscaping design, construction, contracting and mediation
    9. (9) Buying and selling, management and supply of the rights to hot springs
    10. (10) Laying of waterworks and supply of water
    11. (11) Consulting services such as surveying, research and planning for hotels, and golf courses, sports facilities and amusement facilities, vacation home management and condominium management
    12. (12) Services related to the buying and selling of membership rights such as hotels and golf clubs for members only
    13. (13) Travel business
    14. (14) Automobile transportation business
    15. (15) Nonlife insurance agent business
    16. (16) Worker dispatch business
    17. (17) Condominium management business
    18. (18) Building construction supervision, surveying and appraisal services
    19. (19) Services related to advertising
    20. (20) 有線電気通信による宿泊・観光案内等情報の提供
    21. (21)警備業法に基づく警備業
    22. (22)前各号に付帯及び関連する一切の事業
    23. The businesses described above are subject to addition, revision or deletion.

  2. 2. To use for market trend analysis, customer satisfaction surveys or analysis for product development, etc. in relation to each of the businesses described in section 1. Above.

  3. 3. To provide after-sales services to customers who have concluded contracts with the Company

  4. 4. To fulfill Company obligations, exercise Company rights or take various actions incidental to such obligations and rights.

  5. 5. 客様応対の品質向上のため(当社社内研修での利用を含む)
  6. 6. 以下の公開もしくは市販されている媒体物等より、適正に取得した個人情報を上記各目的のために利用する場合があります。
    1. (1) Real estate registers
    2. (2) Cadastral maps
    3. (3) Commercial registers
    4. (4) Credit bureaus
    5. (5) Credit research companies
    6. (6) Lists of top taxpayers
    7. (7) Housing maps
    8. (8) Address books
    9. (9) Basic resident registers
    10. (10) Lists of names whose use by third parties is not prohibited (lists of graduates, neighborhood association registries)
    11. (11) Other personal information appropriately and legally sold commercially or publicly available

  7. 7. 個人情報の取扱いを第三者に委託する場合、当該第三者に個人情報(氏名、住所、電話番号、メールアドレス等)を、電子データもしくは宛名シール等の紙に印刷されたリストにより提供することがございます。尚、特定個人情報は、法令に定める社会保障、税等に関する特定の事務に利用する場合を除き、第三者に提供・開示いたしません。

  8. 8. 上記以外の目的を、上記1の各業にて個別に通知・明示する場合があります。その場合、本利用目的と合わせて当社の個人情報利用目的とさせて頂きます。

[3] Joint Use of Personal Information

The Company may engage in the joint use of the personal information it has acquired as follows.

1. Items of personal information

2. Scope of joint users


3. Purpose of use

4. Personal information manager and contact details for inquiries and procedures

【4】 個人情報に関する情報開示、訂正、利用停止、消去の手続き等

(1) Inquiries concerning specific personal information received from business partners in work to prepare payment records in accordance with the Income Tax Act, etc.
東急リゾーツ&ステイ株式会社 財務部門
Tel: 03-6455-5726
10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., except Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and the year-end and New Year period.
(2) Inquiries about personal information other than the above
東急リゾーツ&ステイ株式会社 代表
Tel: 03-6455-5600
10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., except Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and the year-end and New Year period.

2. 情報開示のご請求手続き
At the request of an individual, the Company will disclose the personal information of the individual by the following means.
  1. (1) To have the information disclosed, the individual should contact the Company at the contact details described above with the request, and after filling out the required information on the designated application form sent to the individual by the Company (Personal Information Disclosure Request Form), enclose a copy of official identification such as a certificate of residence or driver’s license, and submit the application to the Company.
  2. (2) When requesting disclosure, the Company will request a processing fee of 1,000 yen. When sending the disclosure request form, please enclose a postal money order for the amount of 1,000 yen.
  3. (3) After the disclosure request form has been received, it will take at least two weeks for the Company to respond. The response will be sent by post to the address of the individual.
  4. (4)当社の業務の適正な実施に著しい支障を及ぼす恐れがあると判断される場合等においては、情報開示を制限させて頂くことがございます。

  1. (1)情報の訂正・利用停止・消去のご請求にあたっては、上記問い合わせ窓口にその旨ご連絡を頂き、ご本人様からのご請求であることを確認の上、対応させて頂きます。ご本人様確認ができない場合はご請求をお断りする場合がございます。
  2. (2)利用停止又は消去に多額の費用を要する場合その他の利用停止又は消去を行うことが困難な場合であって、お客様等の権利利益を保護するため必要なこれに代わるべき措置をとるときは、 当社の常務の遂行上支障があると判断され場合は、法令もしくは当社の利用目的に反しない範囲で情報の訂正・利用停止・消去を制限させて頂く場合がございます。